CrossFit Miramont Open Gym Guidelines

CrossFit open gym refers to CrossFit athletes who can utilize the Crossfit box and equipment, unsupervised and without a CrossFit coach present.

  • Only CrossFit athletes who have completed their 101 intro sessions, consistently purchase monthly WODs, and attend classes on a weekly basis are able to use the CrossFit area and equipment during open gym time unless approved by the CrossFit Head Coach.
  • Miramont members who are not actively part of the CrossFit program may not use the CrossFit box.
  • No member may use the CrossFit stereo system.
  • Clients of personal training may use the CrossFit box during open gym only if their personal trainer is present during a session.
  • For a schedule of open gym times, please refer to the CrossFit schedule here
  • These guidelines are in place to monitor and address the safety of our members. Olympic Weightlifting, climbing ropes, and use of the cage can be dangerous without the proper training or coaching from a certified CrossFit Coach, Olympic Weightlifting Coach, or personal trainer.
  • Please contact Jorine Peterson, CrossFit Supervisor, with any additional questions: